Automotive speed limiters

Automotive speed

One cannot but agree with the fact that the majority of traffic accidents and various accidents occur due to drivers exceeding the speed limit. If you exceed the speed limit by a couple of kilometers per hour, this is not as bad as exceeding the speed limit in places where there is a hard limit. Many modern cars with high power and great speed are artificially limited in their maximum speed with the help of so-called electronic collars. This is a kind of special “stop” if the car accelerates too fast. True, the limiters here are around 250 kilometers per hour. Are there any other limiters that help the car slow down or prevent it from accelerating to the maximum?

Speed limiters: what is it

The high speed kilometer filter is special equipment that can regulate and control the fuel supply to the car in the installed internal combustion engine. This helps the device limit the speed. So, on public roads, vehicles will be able to move at normal speed, without exceeding anything. The speed mode filter is implemented in 2 options:

  • Electromagnetic fuel channel.
  • Accelerometer pedal.

If everything is clear with trucks, then how does the filter work in cars? The algorithm here is quite simple. It looks like this:

  • A special unit is connected to the standard auto system for determining the speed of movement.
  • The standard system transmits special impulses to the system control unit, which controls the current parameters.
  • As soon as the car picks up too much speed or critical speed, the control unit sends a signal to the valve, which in turn is responsible for controlling the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber of the car.
  • As soon as a signal is received, the operation of the solenoid valve changes, it starts to pass less fuel.
  • The volume of fuel is reduced, and the speed of the car drops.
  • When the speed drops to the desired level, the signal transmission to the valve stops. The fuel system starts working as before.

If the driver picks up speed again, the speed filter starts working again.

What kind of transport is suitable

Some cars of certain categories are required to have a high-speed kilometer filter. For example, transport that weighs more than 3.5 tons gets here. The speed limiter is set individually for each machine and its parameters. The speed will not be exceeded above the mark of 90 kilometers per hour. The requirements for cars are the same, which means that urban, suburban, and intercity standards are observed by everyone in the same way. Since the high-speed filter is equipped with a special electronic control system for a powerful power unit, this function is equally successful both for modern passenger cars and for outdated models where there are practically no electronics. For example, we are talking about those machines where there is still a carburetor power system and installations.

Are these speed filters an important and useful component in a vehicle? Absolutely yes! This is a mandatory function for transport if there are children or dangerous goods in the car.

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