When Was The Last Time You Changed The Covers on Your Car Seats?


Whether you use your vehicle for extended road trips, exciting activities, transporting heavy products, or taking the family on vacation, the seat coverings can quickly become dirty. Keeping up with your auto hygiene is as important as any other aspect of your lifestyle, and changing the quality car seat coversĀ UK in your vehicle is a part of that.

You could say that an upholstery cleaning will do the trick, but what should you do if your original seat cover is chipped or torn? What are you going to do if your children decide to snack on these chips all of a sudden? Changing the cover on your seat makes travelling more convenient for your passengers and makes travelling more secure for them. With these, the question is how frequently car seats should be replaced.

Is There a Recommended Interval Between Replacing the Covers on Your Car Seats?

In general, the lifespan of a vehicle seat is only five to seven years after it has been made in a factory. You may look up the date of expiration of your car seats in the manual that came with your vehicle. You must remember that just because vehicle seats endure this long, the coverings for those seats should also be kept for this long.

Car Seats

Car seat covers should be replaced at least once every year and a half for routine maintenance or if needed, when there is already peeling, a bad smell, or fading colours. This is the recommendation given by the majority of auto repair shops. Moulds have the potential to grow quickly on the edges of car seat covers when the weather is unpredictable. This can cause the covers to become discoloured and makes them less hygienic.

However, if you are changing your car seat covers for more cosmetic reasons, such as updating the car’s original interior or improving the seating comfort of your passengers, you are free to do so as frequently as you see fit. However, you should be careful to select car seats suitable for your vehicle’s model, age, and seat style. Consequently, changing the seat covers includes selecting new ones more suited to your vehicle’s immediate requirements.

Which Type of Fabric Should You Choose to Use?

The problem frequently presents itself as selecting covers made of fabric or other materials. Fabric custom seat covers for cars are advantageous in both the maintenance and aesthetic departments of vehicle ownership. It has a variety of designs and textures, which will offer your vehicle a more interesting appearance. Additionally, it does not break or wear out fast. Because cloth has a higher tolerance to changes in temperature, your car seat won’t be too hot to sit on in the summer, and it won’t be unbearably cold to rest on in the winter.

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