How to get cheaper car insurance

car insurance

Know the criteria that can reduce your contribution  :  park your vehicle in a private and closed garage, opt for a second-hand car, have moderate use to reduce the risk of claims.

Adapt the level of deductible  :  with high deductible amounts  , your premium will be reduced.

Paying for insurance annually  :  this can allow you to benefit from a reduction of 5 to 10% on the price of your car insurance contract.

Choose insurance online  : the new digital insurance companies (Direct Assurance, l’Olivier Assurance), or those known as “insurtech” (Lovys, Leocare, Wilov) offer rates that are often more attractive than traditional insurance companies.

Acquire bonus  : for each year with no at-fault claim, you will receive a 5% bonus , thus reducing your premium.

bloc-cta-car        Save up to 40% on

your car insurance

Switch to a cheaper contract

Finding cheap car insurance is not reserved for new motorists: already insured drivers can also find car insurance cheaper than their current contract and  change it very easily.

With the Hamon law, easily cancel your insurance

The  Hamon law  allows you to  cancel your car insurance at any time  after one year of subscription, and no longer only on the annual expiry date.

What are the steps to cancel your car insurance?

Thanks to the Hamon law, you no longer have to deal with termination procedures; once the new contract has been signed, your  new insurer will take care of the procedures for you  with your old insurance.

You can also send a  registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt  (LRAR) to your insurer  at least 2 months before the expiry date  of your car insurance contract to request its termination.

Compare to save

Using an  online car insurance comparator  is the best way to  find the insurer who will offer you the cheapest rate  on the market. Our site allows you to:

to obtain   tailor-made car insurance quotes from several insurers,

to display the prices offered from the cheapest to the most expensive,  while easily comparing their guarantees,

save precious time:  no need to go around insurers to find the cheapest insurance quote, they are the ones who come to you!

Thanks to a single site, you can  have an overview of the different prices charged by insurers . Enough to quickly obtain the best offers on the market and levels of cover to insure your vehicle. As a bonus, if you are interested in a quote, you will even have the possibility of taking out your cheap car insurance online to  be insured during the day .

Which car insurance formulas to choose?

The first point to address is that of the choice of auto insurance formula. To pay less for your coverage, avoid all-risk insurance, which remains the most expensive on the market, and opt for a third-party or kilometer contract.

Third party insurance

Third party insurance is the mandatory minimum level of cover . Also called “Civil Liability” (RC) , or basic insurance, it only covers material and bodily damage caused to a third party following a claim or in the event of an accident. It is therefore the least protective insurance on the market, but it is also the one that allows you to make the most savings  !

Example of price for third-party insurance

Cheap auto insurance prices

Methodology: The study was based on the following profile: Male, 55 years old, single, lives in Vannes, owner of a CITROËN C1 Essence Sedan VTI 68 Shine (registered in 2015) for private use and commuting to work, without loss or case of accident for 3 years, bonus 0.50, driving 10,000 km/year and being parked in an individual closed garage.

Insurance per kilometer

Insurance per kilometer and Pay As You Drive are insurance whose prices are calculated according to the number of km traveled per year:

With kilometer insurance, you agree not to exceed a certain number of kilometers over a given period: this is the ” kilometre package “;

With Pay As You Drive, the price of car insurance depends on the number of kilometers traveled: the more you drive, the more you pay .


Young, Terminated, Malussed, how to pay less?

For some insured profiles, the car insurance bill can be particularly high.

As a damaged or terminated driver, finding an insurer can be complicated and will see your premium increase. By using our comparator, you can insure your vehicle for less.

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