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You want to trade in your car over 10 years old but you can’t find a buyer? Don’t worry ! vendezvotrevoiture.fr is the professional who assesses all types of models, regardless of age or condition, and offers you a suitable solution.

How does our service work?

By using our online valuation tool, you get the residual value of any car for free, even a model like the Renault Clio I which has been discontinued.

At the end of this first step, you complete the self-assessment to specify some information on the condition of your vehicle and thus receive your final selling price. The sale is then concluded in the agency, during a car trade -in appointment with an expert.

An online assessment in minutes

A car recovery appointment at the agency of your choice to confirm the sale

Payment is delivered to you as soon as possible. We also take care of the administrative procedures, such as the change of owner, and the technical control. The recovery of a vehicle over 10 years old is not always easy so if you want to sell quickly and at the best price trust us!

How our customers rate our service

The evaluation by email was respected to the nearest euro!! No steps to take, they take care of everything in the agency A real time saver and less paperwork I recommend ++

Nuno Ricardo

Internet offer confirmed after passing through the garage. Very nice home. A good solution for those who want to sell their vehicle quickly and without administrative obligations.

It is advantageous to have your vehicle over 10 years old taken back with the famous conversion bonus. Faced with environmental concerns, the recovery of a car over 10 years old is not easy, especially if it is a diesel.

The share of second-hand vehicles over 10 years old in transactions has steadily increased from year to year. Today, vehicles between 10 and 15 years old are now included in the documents on which automotive professionals rely to define their offers.

Trade-in vehicle over 10 years old between individuals

Selling an old vehicle to an individual is complicated because it is difficult to assess the exact value of your car. Even the trend has been changing in recent years, the various ratings that can be found on the Internet or in specialized magazines, only rarely include the rating of old vehicles.

It is considered that after 10 years a vehicle loses nearly 50% of its initial value!

Individuals are picky and negotiations are numerous. The higher the mileage of your car, the more it loses value and reliability. Also, it does not make it easy for you to trade in your vehicle that is more than 10 years old.

Trade-in 10-year-old car from a dealer

Insuring the trade-in of a vehicle over 10 years old by a dealer is complicated. However, some of them do not hesitate to offer a similar system and offer a bonus against the recovery of an old vehicle.

Others simply propose to rely on the new rating supposed to integrate old cars. But not everyone is there yet. Before you start, carefully study the promotions of the manufacturers. Sometimes, only certain targeted models are taken over with the condition of acquiring a new one.

Renault offers a trade-in for vehicles over 10 years old by extending the conversion bonus to all cars over 12 years old.

In the case of a trade-in of a car over 12 years old, you must revise your requirements downwards! The new anti-pollution standards do not simplify resale since the number of buyers is becoming increasingly rare. The recovery of your car over 12 years is impossible, except at very low prices.

The conversion bonus

The conversion bonus, also called the scrapping bonus, is an ecological financial aid offered by the state to encourage the purchase of an electric vehicle, new or used, following the scrapping of a vehicle. ancient. It varies and evolves every year.

Who can benefit ?

People wishing to get rid of their diesel vehicle dating from before 2001 or petrol dating from before 1997 and registered in France. It is compulsory to buy a new electric or hybrid that emits less than 20 CO²/km or a petrol or diesel, new or second-hand, that emits less than 122 g CO²/km.

The premium for the purchase of an electric car

By buying an electric vehicle that emits less than 20 grams of CO²/km, you get €5,000. By opting for a plug-in hybrid vehicle rejecting between 21 and 60 grams of CO²/km, the premium amounts to €2,500. Added to this is a bonus of €6,000 and €1,000 respectively.

What about damaged vehicles?

This is an excellent thing for anyone who wants to trade in their vehicle that is more than 10 years old, of course. However, your vehicle must be in working order, insured in good and due form and not be pledged. If your car is no longer in working order, you cannot benefit from this assistance.

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Indeed, a recovery in case of damage does not guarantee you a good price.

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