The raw materials of your old car

materials of your old car

How much breakage takes over a car? Old car with high mileage, hs car, damaged car? The scrapping bonus can be interesting, especially when you replace an old Diesel with a clean vehicle, but very often it is better to sell and estimate your car by a professional before scrapping your car . Scrapping does not save money, sometimes it is even chargeable and you may be charged fees such as towing or removal of wreckage for a non-driving car.

Even if your car is out of order, it can still earn you money, you have to estimate it to see precisely what its car rating is.

The purchase of a car by a wrecker, garage or auto breaker does not allow you to earn money. the recovery by delivauto of your broken down, damaged, damaged, broken down engine, non-running engine, without technical control, for parts or wreckage is the solution to get rid of your cumbersome car. Selling your car for scrap is not the best thing to do, especially when a leading professional in the recovery of damaged vehicles buys it back from you at the best price.

How to scrap your car?

The law stipulates that it is compulsory to scrap your car when it is no longer usable. If your vehicle is still in working order, its destruction by an approved VHU center is free of charge, while removal is chargeable if it cannot be driven (the price is €50).

What is a scrap car?

A car scrapyard is an approved VHU center (VHU: end-of-life vehicle) whose mission is to clean up, dismantle and shred vehicles. These centers carry out their mission free of charge (apart from the removal of the vehicle) and are used to supply a circuit for the reuse of spare parts (engine, bonnet, driver’s seat, etc.). Indeed since January 1, 2017, garages have the obligation to offer used spare parts to their customers.

The breakage will issue you a receipt or transfer certificate for destruction, a second copy must be sent to the prefecture of the registration department within 2 weeks, some ELV centers take care of this themselves. See the steps to scrap your car .

Scrap bonus

The government conversion bonus allows you to obtain assistance to change vehicles by scrapping an old car at an approved ELV centre. The conditions and amounts vary according to the old and the new vehicle as well as your tax situation. In addition, the vehicle must be roadworthy to benefit from this new scrapping bonus .

What is an end-of-life vehicle?

An end-of-life vehicle VHU is a vehicle that its last owner intends for destruction. For example after an accident, an irreparable breakdown, or for a vehicle too old to be resold second-hand. After a road accident, an expert commissioned by the insurer assesses the condition of the vehicle. If the amount of the repairs is greater than the market value of the vehicle, the vehicle is declared VEI: economically irreparable vehicle and is good for scrapping.

Which buyers for the purchase of a car in poor condition?

Is your car HS, worn, old, damaged, non-running and good for demolition? How to sell your car to the scrapyard? How to sell a car over 10 years old ? What is the real price for buying back a wreck? It is possible to have your car taken back at:

An ELV centre , that is to say a specialized and approved center for the demolition, depollution and recycling of private vehicles, vans and non-rolling motorized 3-wheelers. It will be necessary to give the gray card crossed out with a mention “Sold on xx/xx/20xx, for destruction” when the car is handed over. A scrapping recovery without gray card? Difficult. Be that as it may, selling your car for scrapping brings in nothing or almost nothing, the professional has no right to pay you for this recovery. Getting rid of an HS vehicle can cost you money with the removal which is chargeable and which will cost you 50 euros.

A wrecker or scrap dealer : this solution is possible if the vehicle can be driven or if it is declared repairable by an expert. However, you won’t be able to get a good price for it. You will be paid by weight per kilo.

An individual : this solution is sometimes viable provided you have time and require a bank check when paying for the car. You will need a technical inspection of less than 6 months (the vehicle must be able to drive or be repairable) and you will have to take care of the administrative formalities (gray card, certificate of non-pledge, certificate of sale).

A professional . It is possible to find a professional to sell your car quickly after a free online estimate. The repurchase of car will be carried out following an appointment. A takeover offer for a cash buyout is often much more attractive than at the dealership. All brands are concerned: Audi , Citroën, BMW , Opel, Mercedes or even Renault, even an old broken-down car. After the estimate , which remains non-binding, it is the appointment with the professional that will provide the final proposal and will therefore complete the sale.

The export sale of a used but still running car is even more restrictive and more uncertain. You will have to negotiate with the interested parties, sometimes located thousands of kilometers away, without the possibility of meeting and without prior information. In addition, you risk embarking on an

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