How to buy a leased car?

buy a leased ca

If the purchase of a new or used car in the traditional way remains commonplace for the majority of motorists, many are those who are interested in car leasing . Indeed, this more economical alternative offers several advantages and more flexibility. So, you may be wondering how to buy a leased car ? Although the term “buy” is not necessarily the most appropriate, because in the context of a leasing it is a rental, several elements must be taken into account before signing the contract in order to make the right choices. .


1 Where to turn to buy a leased car?

1.1 A dealer

1.2 An auto proxy

1.3 A leasing company

2 Before starting, you have to make the right choices

3 The essentials to remember

Where to turn to buy a leased car?

Due to its growing popularity in France and Europe, it is now possible to take out a leasing contract via several automotive players. Focus on these professionals who then own the car you rent!

A dealer

When you want to do a car leasing , you obviously think of dealers . The latter communicate more and more about the leasing offers available to them, in particular by highlighting the amount of the rent for a Rental with Option to Purchase (LOA) or a Long-Term Rental (LLD) for each model. . But is this really the most advantageous solution?

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If dealers were for a long time the only ones to offer this method of financing, they are now joined by other professionals who also wish to impose themselves on the market.

A car agent

Indeed, car agents also offer LOA and LLD leasing offers at very attractive rent thanks to their mode of operation. The latter get their supplies from all over the European Union and buy in bulk from garages and dealerships in order to reduce the unit cost. The model you want can then be up to 40% cheaper than the list price and obviously, this significant discount is found on the amount of the rent, which is also lower.

Moreover, to find a car agent with LOA or LLD offers, discover our free Caroom leasing comparator . We list thousands of vehicle leasing offers from reliable and serious professionals . In a few clicks, you will find the rent that corresponds to your budget and the car that meets your expectations. So don’t wait any longer and compare now!

Row of new cars

Finally, several companies specializing in car leasing have emerged, such as Roulenloc , which focuses more on used vehicles, or Arval . They offer you many services to guarantee you an optimal experience at the wheel of your new rented car.

Dealer, car agent or leasing company… The choice is yours. But before that, a few criteria deserve your attention.

Before starting, you have to make the right choices

Whether renting or buying a car, buying a car is a major investment and requires careful consideration.

Indeed, do you already know what type of silhouette and model will you choose? SUV, sedan, station wagon, city car, minivan… The choice is vast and you won’t necessarily need the same vehicle whether you are a family or a single person living in town .

Also consider setting your maximum budget and doing several simulations to ensure that you will be able to pay each monthly rent

đź’ˇ To know : Depending on the model of car you choose, the rents will not be the same and the mileage package , the services , insurance and options listed in the contract will also have an impact on the rates.

As you now know, there are two leasing formulas, the LOA and the LLD . But what are their differences ?

They are practically similar, except that the rental with option to buy allows you to become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the contract, where the return is mandatory in long-term rental . However, the contribution is systematic in LOA, which is not the case of LLD. Once your criteria have been defined, you will know which method of financing is best suited to your situation.

The main thing to remember

As we have seen, when you want to buy a leased car , several players in the field can support you in your project. Nevertheless, whether you are a professional or a private individual, you must define your needs in terms of silhouette and model beforehand and ensure that your budget can support a LOA or LLD contract and the price of leasing .

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