The 5 advantages of choosing a traditional driving school

traditional driving school

For several years now, more and more online driving schools have been developing. A system that appeals to many students thanks to a lower cost of the permit and freer learning.

But then what are the differences between traditional driving schools and online platforms?

Traditional driving schools

In a traditional driving school, you go to the premises of the establishment to register for training. You can practice the highway code on site during group sessions or remotely depending on the driving school’s equipment. Your driving lessons are given by the school’s teachers. According to the organization of the driving school, one and the same teacher can follow you throughout your training, which will optimize your learning.

online driving schools

They are less numerous but growing. They are accessible anywhere, anytime. You register online on the platform’s website. Depending on the packages offered, you will be able to follow coding courses and carry out training series online, remotely. Regarding the practical part, you will book your slots directly online and go to the meeting points set by the platform.

In this article, we list 5 advantages of choosing a traditional driving school to pass your driving license.

Advantage n°1: A more complete and personalized educational follow-up

In a traditional driving school, there is real contact between the staff and the student. Whether it’s the secretary or the teachers, they listen and follow you from the beginning to the end of your training, advising you and accompanying you. In a traditional driving school, you have the possibility of driving with the same instructor and the same vehicle during your learning. This way you will have less risk of being destabilized.

Advantage n°2: Optimized learning and increased chances of success

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Your learning is optimized when you work with the same teacher while you ride. Indeed, if he follows you throughout your journey, he will be able to prepare you as well as possible for your exam. Your instructor knows the points on which you must work, the points of vigilance, the reactions you may have or your level of stress. He will know how to reassure you and he will accompany you during your exam. This is partly why the success rates in traditional driving schools are better than in free candidates. Indeed, according to the results of the Ministry of the Interior, 1,422,232 candidates took the driving license exam in 2019 with a success rate of 58.3%. Out of 38,549 exams in free candidates, only 44% obtained their driving licence.

Advantage n°3: No administrative procedure to do

When you register for an online driving school, you must complete the administrative procedures yourself with the prefecture as well as to register for the exam (request for registration for a driving license, registration with an operator approved for the highway code, registration in an examination center via the Rendez-vous Permis platform, etc.).

If you choose the free candidate option via an online driving school, you will have to register yourself for the theoretical and practical tests. You will also need to book an exam place online or contact the competent Permit Meeting service, depending on your department. Besides that, you have to rent a dual-drive vehicle for the driving hours and for the exam day. The vehicle used on the day of the exam must be insured. Finally, your guide must have more than 5 years of license, provide proof of identity and the Charter of the guide, signed by him, when registering for the practical test with the service in charge locally of driver’s license test. Your guide cannot be an instructor. As you can notice, All of these steps are not to be taken lightly. If you choose a traditional driving school, everything is simplified! You provide your personal documents and the driving school takes care of the rest. You just need to give a file including: proof of identity, photo ID and signature! The driving school can also ask you for your certificate of participation in Defense and Citizenship Day.

Advantage n°4: Better supervision and better regularity

If you enroll in an online driving school, you need a lot of motivation and organization, because the placement of your driving hours depends only on you and your determination. You have to exercise self-discipline. It is also important to take into account the fact that the available slots are quickly taken since the majority of students covet the same times or geographical areas. You must be constantly on the lookout for new availabilities. You also have to be careful if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot take slots for a month: if your driving hours are very long apart, you risk losing what you have learned. Conversely, in a traditional driving school, you are supervised and monitored by your instructors, thus ensuring better regularity. Moreover,

Advantage n°5: A complete and diversified offer

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Passing the license in a traditional driving school also means having access to a multitude of tools for your educational follow-up: driving simulators, projection room for code sessions, digital learning solutions (digital booklet, tablets) … In a traditional driving school, a wider choice of training can be offered to you: post-license, additional training… Moreover, to help you finance your driving license, the State has set up lots of help:

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